Tickets to Paris bought! All I've been thinking the couple of last days is what to wear! Well, I'm kidding, but still. French women have notoriously impeccable style, I'm not even trying to compete, but you have to try your best. A bit intimidating, in a good way though.

Here's as "Parisian" outfit as I could get. With a cliches and 40's-80's vibe. Oh, and I finally get to show my new hairdo. I have such a great hairstylist, which I don't do any compliment by my messy dos... I wish I'd have more energy to spend on my hair at mornings... And despite my promises to myself on growing bangs away I ended up cutting them. But I'm very pleased with the result! 

trench coat: Monki, leather shorts: HM, barret: Accessories, shirt: Mango, stockings: Lindex, shoes: Vagabond

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