Wanderer in paris, part two, what's under

Same day, but after dinner. And you can tell that by my goofing around act, too. 

I'm surprised I don't have a post of this dress, yet. It's by far my easiest garments at this moment. I got it from our trip to Stockholm in January. And it has rescued me from several occasions of last minute panic. Just add leggings or colorful stockings and you're done! This time I added a bit of color on top with another favorite of the moment, the neon pink shirt.

What I also like about this dress is the 60's feeling it has. The A-shape, the lace, the form of the neckline, all very 60's, isn't it.
dress: Monki, leggings: American Apparel, shirt: Selected Femme, shoes: Vagabond

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