DIY knitted & crocheted

One weekend I got the same urge I always get when the weather gets colder: to do some knitting. But because of the lack of any yarn I decided to unwind one tube scarf I made a year ago of this super soft yarn...  The scarf ended up being my favorite one until it stretched because of the "always right" knitting and it got sort of tufted. So I re-knitted it, but this time I did it really small on the diameter and "high".
As the scarf was really fast to do, the yarn's really heavy, I unwounded another ill-fated doing - one too big and thin cap. I had more of that soft peach yarn so I went with double thread and ended up doing a crocheted beanie of which I'm super proud as I didn't have any model for it, I just did it. :)
And then just totally random pic - a reflection of my necklace to the opposite wall. I just thought it was funny.


Serendipity Max said...

Wow clever knitting :) I love the colours

Thanks for your comment


kirstyb said...

fab DIY

Drew said...

I see you got some knitting done :) Looks great, and love the beanie!

thanks for commenting!

The white cabbage said...

Ciao ,

nice ! well done ! I like your blog .
come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower...I'll do back

ciao ave

Kailey said...

Your knitting looks absolutely flawless! Meanwhile, I love your necklace ^^

Plami said...

Great job! I cannot knot yet! I can only sew but want to learn how to knit as well :)