memory lane

Ok, I know my memory isn't the best always, but now I had a new reminder (hehe) how bad it can be. I've been struggling to find time for blogging, especially for taking pics and now I realized I had taken some and forgotten these. Well, here goes. Outfit from a week or two ago, can't really remember (sigh). On a more positive note, I'm wearing my new Monki tights that are in my opinion one version of Chanel tights from last season. There was these monochrome black and white tights by Chanel, wasn't there? (sigh times two).


little moon lover said...

wow awesome tights!!!
I hope I can find me one of those!
thanks for stopping by my blog.. take care!

Maria said...

Nice blog! Thanks for your comment!
You want to follow each other??

Teddi said...

those tights with that necklace are a match made in heaven.

Clara Turbay said...

You are so luck with your great taste and style.


ana b. said...

Oooh! I bet you get a few double takes wearing those tights. I like the Harlequin look about them. Adeline from Lady Croissant also rocks these. I think hers are fuschia and white?

Victoria said...

LOVE! LOVE this look! the thights are so cool and I love the peach colour blouse for the girly touch. x