third time's the charm

This is not the luckiest outfit; I've worn (almost) this combination with slight variations about four times over the late summer&fall and this was the third time I took pics of it, but the first time the pics ended up decent... I might post some of the pics from previous session as there's a couple ok ones. And that outfit's not exactly like this one. But I'll get to that later, now some much needed sleep. :)
Btw, friends from work had several names for this variation - one thought I looked like a skipper, one thought I've escaped from 70's Paris. :)
barret&shirt:old, scarf: Marimekko, jeans:HM


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Such brilliant wide legs pants! I can't believe they're H&M, I've been looking for those forever.

ana b. said...

I agree there's a certain Parisian feel to the outfit but probably because of the beret and the stripy scarf! The accessories say Paris, the rest says 70s California :)

Victoria said...

Totally Parisian from the 70's. It's amazing how a little hat and scarf cann add so much style to look! the whole look works really well. x

Teddi said...

i like your outfit. whether it's 1970's paris, or skipper, aren't you glad no said stripper?