tiniest flowers

Oh no, now I broke the promise. One last pic from the trip. But this one's an outfit pic, so maybe it doesn't count... Wearing a jumper I found for 7 euros from the summer sales. The size is xxs, so it's meant to be a LOT bigger (I'm usually 3 sizes bigger), but I like it very much this way. I bet I'll be wearing it quite a bit this fall. The skirt's fabric is a left-over from this.


ana b. said...

I found your stylish self through Weardrobe and really enjoyed your outfits on there. I like how the XXS sizing makes it sort of a crop top. Will definitely come visit your blog again :)

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Such a cute outfit and you really found a great bargain!


Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your kind words.Beautiful photographs,love your sweet,girly style.Your road trip photo's look awesome,really got me wanting a vacation!
You have a new follower!
Hope your having a lovely weekend.
billiejean44.blogspot.com <3

Fashionistable said...

Very pretty. Love the location and daisies too. Xxxx

Sarah said...

Beautiful look. I love the colors. That sweater is really nice.


Victoria said...

Lovely look. xx