The many many stages of making an evening dress

Here's my mom's sketch from last spring
In order to get the open back done, we needed to do another dress under the silk chiffon one.
Here I'm trying out the silk chiffon fabric and ribbons for the dress.
For the dress under we used white "denim" silk that we dyed to suit the top lavender chiffon
Dry fabric turned out to a bit pinkish
Before cutting the silk chiffons, we did a test piece out of old fabric 
(which I later took to make a blouse out of it)
The cutting of the silk chiffons
 The first lavender layer of the upper part of the final dress

The pieces of under dress ready to be marked with the marking paper
then the yellow marks are emphasized with thread
 and only after that sewn together with thread
soon to be ready for the first fitting!
after the first fitting
the "under" dress sewn together and ironed
testing the model
 putting the pieces together
And the almost ready dress!!!


Cylia said...

waow that's amazing! lovee the outcome.

Angel Garcia said...

If only I was this creative! Props to you.. this is just stunning.. Continue the amazing work!


Janet said...

Great to see the "making of" pictures. It's true art and you look so beautiful in the dress.