casual hearts

Had forgotten we had snapped these pics, these must be at least a couple of weeks old. The heart romper's from last summer. I guess this was one of those colder summer days and my thoughts have been in fall colors. Now it's raining like the weather wants to highlight the fact it's officially fall. But that's good, now I can focus on all the lovely fall colors and apparels. :)


FashioNatalie said...

This is SO cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I'm glad I found you through that/Weardrobe! Will be following :-) Your hair is SO pretty!

jenni said...

Aww, thank you, so sweet of you!

Carrie said...

Eeek I love your top!!
Style in the City

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Love the jumper :)


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

What I really like is the contrast beyween the lovely jumpsuit and the beautiful mustard scaft. Very chic.


Jennifer said...

i love this outfit! i'm a big fan of neutrals so this is definitely up my alley.
i can't wait to see how you wear those gold jeans in your last post. i saw them yesterday at h&m and they havent gone on sale yet here in Canada.
thanks for the comment on my blog, not to mention! (:
x. Jenn

Victoria said...

Love the colour and layers the whole styling is great! xx