florals for fall

Finally this skirt is ready! My original plan was to do a really simple summer skirt. Well, there wasn't enough fabric for what I had imagined (this piece of fabric was again one of those ready-cut chiffon pieces, left-overs and so). So I had to do it the hard way aka proper waistband etc. I have still one more chiffon piece, and as I'm *a bit* frustrated with the chiffon as a material at the moment (it so slippery to sew easily), I bet it'll have wait for a while.

So now that summer's over (at least over here) and as I wanted to wear the skirt, I had to wear it somehow more suitable for fall (and rain we had that day). The color combination (blue and green together with pink, quite not what I usually would wear) derived from the colors of the flowers in the fabric.
(Using loads of parenthesis, I noticed) Been so busy and/or exhausted that I haven't have time to post for a couple of days and now it takes longer than usually to choose what pics to use. A positive problem as this session went better than usually.


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

So nice! I'm also planning to wear a lot of floral this fall/winter because it's such a beautiful print and definitely need some colours to lift up my outfits.


Anonymous said...

Love the skirt! You really have great style :)


Abi said...

love your skirt!
I have a new post, please drop by my blog.:)