vintage leather skirt

I found this leather skirt a couple of weeks back from Weekday's vintage collection. Just the kind of leather skirt I've been searching. And with leather it makes me happier it's used one. Yeah and the polo shirt was a found too, from a factory sale we went to with a couple friends. And third thing is I finally get to show an outfit with my diy necklace collar. Couldn't decide on that day wether to wear the collar to work or not. What do you think?
Something in this outfit reminds me of those elf costumes. Maybe it's the colors, green (with leaves), black and grey, topped with a collar. :)


Maria Bastida said...

I'm gad you like my pictures :D
you have a great sense of style!! love it sooo much!! really personal and chic!
I'm following right now ;)


Cee said...

What an amazing vintage find, it fits you perfectly!

calima said...

Imaginatively, interestingly, describe a brave modesty, I'm impressed.

Victoria said...

wonderful! this look to me screams fall! fantastic styling and your collar.... love it. x

Abi said...

seriously love your skirt!
let us follow each other?