Hermès fw1

Hermès's fw11 collection is one of my top favorites this season. I haven't really followed Hermès before, but their new head designer Christophe Lemaire's talent made a huge impression on me. I've been thinking what is it that strikes me in this collection, but maybe it is the type of woman the collection presents - a mystic hunter amazon, a globetrotter with a hint of art school cool. In my day dreams (or as a cartoon character) I'd like to be that kind of woman (but in reality I'm far from that)! :) Or maybe I'm just cap&scarf kinda gal, ha!

Well, seriously, I could take any of the garments - the cuts, colors, details, all are perfect. I tried to choose one (or two or three) of my absolute favorites but as you can see below, I couldn't... To understand (or analyse) which were the elements I like the most, I added some words. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely collection! I like it also.


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Jenni, this post is great! Of course I love Hermes, but the way you presented your highlights and the collage of images was really cool...Have a great w-e!