Vacation wardrobe additions

Ok, I have to admit, I dived deep into the waters of internet shopping (and other "regular" shopping too) after I didn't find much from my recent trip(s). I've got a Christmas going on, so it feels. :) 
Not that I bought that many items, but when you buy from a couple of places, mail box starts to be in a pretty good use. And these are just some preparations to the upcoming girls' trip to Greece. Right?
Here's my purchases from Asos.
maxi dress with one of the most comfortable fabrics
playsuit with hearts
finally got myself a perfect boyfriend belt


Camilla said...

cute blog & thanks for commenting!


rebecca said...

I need a belt like that!


jenni said...

Camilla: Thank you! And you're welcome! :)

rebecca: I had that feeling for a long time, but now the search is over! :) I can recommend Asos' one, it's long enough.

hannah said...

super cute playsuit!

jenni said...

hannah: thank you, I can't wait to get to wear it!