safari animals

While the hothothot weather still cherishes us for one more day, it's proper to show the dress which has been my favorite summer dress for a couple of years. It's so easy, like a summer day. It has all sorts of safari animals in it, like a mongoose, a lion, a zebra and an antelope.  So I have a whole gang with me. 
I wore it simple the other day shown in the second picture. As I'm not good in mixing patterns (like Dries Van Noten ss10), I wanted to try out how tribal I might get it with some accessories I just grabbed from my accessories stand. Not sure that the outcome is really me, but it was fun anyways.
some of the necklaces: black macadamia nuts necklace from Hawaii, black&white by Aarikka, grey chain one by Lindex; sandals: Ten Points, dress: HM
shoes: So What (how stupid can a product name be?)


Janet said...

Nää kuvat menee vaan paremmaksi ja paremmaksi viikko viikolta. Ihana mekko, sekä enemmän että vähemmän asustettuna.

jenni said...

Voi, kiitoksia ihan valtavasti! :)