coffee with leather overalls

This is my third post of my leather overalls. But this one's for my friend who was curious to know about my little mishap on Monday. Turned out leather overalls have unexpected qualities, that come in handy, for example if your coffee mug quite doesn't reach your mouth and you end up having coffee externally instead of internally. All you need to do is just wipe the leather. Like adult's version of children outdoor overalls.

About the outfit, leather overalls are also a bit hard for styling in different ways. With this vintage vest and sleeveless shirt I think I managed to have it at least a bit different, but I'm not sure my paler than pale arms are ready to face the outer world just yet.

This is what I wore actually. Had to try it with kind of Marie Antoinette socks and shoes combination too.
shirt: Nümph, overalls:HM Trend


anni said...

mahtavia kokonaisuuksia! etenki toi vika.

jenni said...

voi kiitoksia, jälkikäteen mä kanssa tykästyin siihen eniten!