mother's day

This is a slight variation to what I wore to mother's day lunch today at my boyfriend's mother's. Just less muddy shoes. I purchased this shirt-dress a couple of years ago and I think it's now living it's new coming - coat-dresses and army colors being in fashion again.
The difference little details do? 
I found these 70's vintage shoes from my mom's wardrobe this weekend. They have a tiny bit of miu-miu-ish feeling and I had to try them in an outfit.
dress: Mng limited edition New York, purse: Gina Tricot, bracelet: COS, both belts and socks:HM


Between Venus and Saturn said...

Whaa! Your moms shoes are hot especially with these socks yaay

original seed said...

great dress

jenni said...

I was about to include a closer photo of these shoes, 'cause the heel is especially nice design and the golden socks would come out better. Well, next time then.

rachelrose said...

lovely outfit - especially the one in the top photo. but vintage-looking outfits have always been my weakness. love your blog!

yours, rachel rose

jenni said...

Thank you, rachel rose, I'm truly taken by your kind words!

Janet said...

Upeat kengät!