feline fever

Outfit from yesterday with a little DIY project I've made. I bought a blazer from HM sale for about 5 euros (!), but it quite wasn't "me". So I turned it into a bolero by taking the upper part of the collar away, straightening the rest of the collar and shortening from the foot about 5 to 10 cm and then sewing black ribbon around the edges. 
I bought that long vest with the cat from London last December from YourEyesLie in Camden where they have the coolest little store.
bolero jacket:HM/DIY, long vest: YourEyesLie, leggings: Gina Tricot, Shoes: Vagabond


Karmiini said...

Onpa pelottava paita! Niin aidon näköiset, möttöttävät silmät. Hui!

anni said...

magee paita!

Lauren Goddard said...

That's so smart! And I love the kitty dress.

x x x

jenni said...

Thank you for the comments! Kitty is one of my favorites -the cut of the dress is very flattering. :)