from the end of my wardrobe

I wandered to the deep mists of my wardrobe and at the very end of it I found this beige maxi jersey from the end of the 90's. And how very new it felt again. This is one of the items I thought I'll never wear again. ;)  

So I tried out different outfits. First I was going with the minimalistic theme, adding it with just black, then to military and somewhere along my wanders I headed for something more colorful as black started to feel a bit boring.
Actually I think I like the last the best and even better without the jersey!


Chloe said...

I really love all of these outfits.. The long maxi suits you perfectly and I like it best with the leathers and the muted tones. It really does look great with the colourful tights and skirt though.

Love it!


rebecca said...

I think I like the first and second outfits the most. Don't you love it when you find old clothes you'd forgotten about?!


Between Venus and Saturn said...

Great cardigan, I love maxis! My favorit combination is with this dark skirt, greenish top and that brown bag tied around ur waist!
Are u able to button the cardigan too?

ps: thanks for followin me + im followin u too!

jenni said...

Thanks for all the comments! Highly appreciated!

Chloe: you're right, the color and texture suits leather and muted tones better or better yet, those bring the jersey out the best.

rebecca: Yes, I do! I tend to buy too many clothes and it does feel so good to find some old and forgotten piece that looks new again.

Between Venus and Saturn: I love maxis too! It's possible to button up the cardigan, but -well- it doesn't fit perfectly anymore.. :)
p.s. I ran into your blog by coincidence and I really like your style!

Fashion By He said...

hot outfit, you look amazing

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Nanx said...

I like this outfit specially your last skirt

Anonymous said...